Dr. Dikobe Psychiatric Practice offers both OUT-OF-HOSPITAL and IN-HOSPITAL care.

“HAPPINESS is a state of mind that is within everyone’s reach.”

Dr. Lerato believes that HAPPINESS is attainable through investing time and effort in authentic self-reflection and personal growth.

“My treatment approach is INTEGRATIVE or BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIO-SPIRITUAL. I combine low-dose psychiatric medications with an eclectic blend of Psychotherapeutic modalities including Insight-Oriented Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness-based Therapy. Personal Spirituality is acknowledged and respected, and I always encourage it to be a part of the healing journey.”



TELEPSYCHIATRY (virtual consultations) is offered for new and existing patients. Telepsychiatry affords you access to quality and confidential mental healthcare in the comfort of your own home through a secure video platform.

The world is rapidly changing and we are all having to adapt to a ‘new’ kind of normal. Change is never easy but adapting to it is needed for continued growth. You may be wondering if Telepsychiatry is beneficial? YES it is.

Virtual therapy can feel strange in the beginning, but you find that you will settle in quite quickly. Even before the end of the first session, most of our clients have felt very comfortable. We will guide you though the process.

​Life is busy and it can be hard to find time between work and life responsibilities. The benefit of virtual psychiatry consultation is that you can have your session where ever you are. ALSO, you get to choose the Psychiatrist that suits you the most, regardless of where in the world you are. 

​Telepsychiatry is suitable for adults and teens. All you need is a private quiet space, a smartphone/laptop and good internet connection.